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ima europe market overview

On 28 September 2022 at the IMA Europe London Summit, Loyalty Chiefs presented the outcome of its research into the European market for Giftcards & Incentive Cards and Loyalty Programs.

The presentation was much appreciated by the audience. Afterwards many asked me to forge findings into a format they could store and share .

Rik Luttmer - IMA London-Summit

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“the European Market Overview for Gift cards & Incentive Cards and Loyalty Programs” has the following structure:
  • Hello and research methodology
  • Europe: single market perspective
    • Statistics: Euro vs USA comparison
    • Insights : European commonalities
  • Europe: regional market perspectief
    • Benelux: stats and remarkables
    • DACH: stats and remarkables
    • South & West: stats and remarkables
    • Nordics: stats and remarkables
    • UK (+ Ireland): stats and remarkables
    • East: stats and remarkables

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IMA-London-Summit - Market Overview

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During the keynote presentation, I provided verbal details and interpretations on the findings. I did not want to withhold this knowledge from you. To this end, I have recorded a guiding screencast report, which can be viewed below.

YouTube video


The first edition of the european market review was very well received. The intention is therefore to do it again next year. Thanks for the compliments everyone. I really enjoyed doing it and I learned a lot from it myself as well.

IMA London Summit 2022 - Loyalty-Chiefs

Looking for more details on the report? Or maybe want decisive research done for your own brand?

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